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Traditional switch board that we use in offices and homes are fixed on a wall and a person has to go near it to turn on/off any electrical appliance in her home.
But most of the time a person is either sitting at her table busy in her study or work, or is taking rest in bed. It would be of great comfort if the person is able to take the switch board with them so they don’t have to interrupt their task to go to the switch board to control appliances. For example an important phone call comes and there is a sudden need to switch off the noisy fan, in such situation this device can of great use. You don’t have to leave your work table, simply tap a button on your smart phone and amen! The noise is gone! After the call is over simple tap the button again and the fan is on.

Using a smartphone as a remote device has several advantage instead of using a separate dedicated remote for this purpose. Because a smartphone is so useful that is it always in hands of modern persons. While a remote control which is of single use may get lost often and people do no keep them close every time. Also smartphones are so common that every family member has one so there is also no fight for the remote control.


This kind of solution can be made easily as smartphones can run custom applications and also has Bluetooth interface which helps communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly. This project has two main parts

  • An Android Smart Phone.
  • Bluetooth enabled receiver.

The Bluetooth enabled receiver is a AVR microcontroller based unit which receives data using a Bluetooth module and drives relays which in turn control AC mains powered appliances like lights, fans fridge etc.

Bluetooth Home Appliance Control

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