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3 Digit 7 Segment Fixed Display

Davedpg United Kingdom

Hardware: Bcd On Breadboard Software: None At The Moment

I am not an expert!!! I have managed by experimenting to create the following...
What I have is a bcd output from a radio. I have the truth table and can do only so much. ATM from my radio I have 9 buttons to select obviously 1 tru 9. Right now it will display 1 tru 9 on a single 7 segment display and also 9 LEDs 1-9 with a CD24hc4511.
What I really need is 3 x 7 segs to display instead of number 1 I need 160. number 2 to read 80 3-40, 4-30 5-20, 6-17, 7-15 8-12 and number 9 to read 10.
Endless googling steers me away from bcd. It has to be driven from bcd.
I now think multiplexing is the way forward and programming a ROM with the 9 fixed values to display from the bcd.
It will also need to drive 9 miniature relays.
If my research is correct I need 1. A USB ROM programmer. 2. some kind of ROM chip to hold the 9 values. 3. Lots of coffee to keep me going when learning the code unless I can get help with this.
Help please.



R Avinash
2016-05-18 11:18:26
It is very easy if done using a microcontroller like AVR ATmega16. We have to develop a program that will take 4 digital input (BCD) and according to your map display a differect value on a multiplexed seven seg display. And also control 9 relays.

If you know something about AVR microcontroller then I can tell you further.

If you know simulation in Labcenter's Proteous software then I can show a demo.

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