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ADC Interface

Bharath India

Hardware: PIC16F877A ,MPLAB V8.92 Software: C Language,HI-TECH C Compiler,MPLAB V8.92

Undefined symbal GO_nDONE..



unsigned int ADC_Read(unsigned char channel)
  int i;
  if(channel > 7) //If Invalid channel selected 
    return 0;     //Return 0

  ADCON0 &= 0xC5; //Clearing the Channel Selection Bits
  ADCON0 |= channel<<3; //Setting the required Bits
  //__delay_ms(2); //Acquisition time to charge hold capacitor
  GO_nDONE = 1; //Initializes A/D Conversion
  while(GO_nDONE); //Wait for A/D Conversion to complete
return ((ADRESH<<8)+ADRESL); //Returns Result


R Avinash
2017-02-03 16:42:20
Where did you got the code?

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