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ATmega32A Can't Be Accessed By The USBasp Programmer

Alhassan Omran -

Hardware: ATmega32A, 8 Mhz Software: I Have Only The Hex File

Please I want to know if the MCU ATMEGA32A is supported or no, I have connected it to the programmer and selected Atmega32 from the list as I didn’t find Atmega32A, but it gives me error message each time I try to read or write code.


ATmega32A Can't be accessed by the USBasp Programmer


R Avinash Ofc PC
2017-10-02 05:39:33
First of all provide the following information.

1) Have you made the USBasp your self or purchased it?
2) How you have connected the USBasp programming hardware with ATmega32? Click a photo and upload.

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