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C Code For Digital Ac Voltmeter Based On Stm8s003f3p6

Nitin Kumar India

Hardware: Stm8s003f3p6 Software: St Visual Develop

Hi, I am looking forward to develop digital AC voltmeter based on stm8 microcontroller. The problem I am facing is with programming the above mentioned microcontroller which will convert AC to DC voltage. Could you please help me with understanding and developing the code for the same ?
From the point , when the stepped down AC voltage is applied at ADC pin of microcontroller and how can that input be converted to digital value and displayed on 7 segment display panel ?



R Avinash Gupta
2017-05-04 12:26:16
From the above it is clear that you have NO idea about microcontrollers, ADCs or displays. We can also easily guess that you also don't have any experience of the same. This it is clear that I is not something that you can do on yourself. You can hire someone to develop this system for you. If you wish we can help develop you the system on paid basis since you have done nothing and expect each and every thing to be explained.

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