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Can't Hide/turn OFF Cursor In 16*2 LCD

Avra Mitra India

Hardware: ATMega8 Running On 8MHz Internal Oscillator Software: C Programming Using WinAVR (avrdude, Pn2, MFile)

I am interfacing a blue LCD (16*2) with ATMega8 using the library shared in Things are going flawlessly except one problem - inability to turn off or hide the annoying blinking cursor.
Is there any way to disable the cursor? Of course, not permanently. I looked at the datasheet of HD44780 and found the method the stated is not working. Maybe it's my fault that I can't make it work, who knows!

I'll be glad if you help me to find a solution. And, last but not least, thanks for the awesome driver you shared in eXtremeelectronics. Have a good day.



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