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Design And Development Of STM32F103xx Based RF Wireless Control System


Hardware: STM32F103RBT6, STM32F103C8T6, 3. Si4432 ISM Based Transceiver Module Software: C Language Using KEIL


How are you

I am DHIREN from Mumbai India

I have requirements for Development of software and Hardware of Custom made :
1. RF wireless STM32 based 12cDC Servo motor (2Ch Optical Rotary Encoder),
Application : Remote control of Camera Lens Ring control

2. 12vDC motor (Open Loop)
Application : Remote control of Camera PAN and TILT Movement control

3. Controlling Digital Potentiometer digital Switch.
Application : Remote control of Camera Function control Like: Zoom, Focus, Iris and Recording. (Replacement of Mechanical Analog Potentiometer and Switch)

If your company is interested in doing such development, Kindly contact me on following

Best Regards and Take Care,

Dhiren Mehta.
313, Damji Shamji Complex, 9, LBS Road, Kamani,
Kurla, (West), Mumbai - 400070
Maharashtra India.
Cel : +91 9820239127.
Tel : +91 22 42156627.
Skype : itelinc
QQ : 1493494647
email :


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