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Dht11 With Pic16f877a

Ibrahim Maassarani Lebanon

Hardware: Pic16f877a With 12mhz Xtl Software: Assebly, Mplab

i need a code for interfacing a dht11 with pic16f877a ...
my project is due on monday and it's not working
plzzzz someone help asap otherwise i will fail the course ...
the picture below is my circuit .. it has to be that way because i have printed out the PCB



dht11 with pic16f877a


R Avinash
2016-05-28 07:55:47
What frequency crystal you have used?

Post picture of your PCB
R Avinash
2016-05-28 11:19:59
You also need to change the LCD connection as you have connected RB0->D7 RB1->D6 and so on ...

Which is a reverse order.

Also you have connected the PGD and PGM pins which are used to transfer program to PIC16F877A. It is recommended that they are left free.
R Avinash
2016-05-28 15:46:32

I have attached a proteus simulation project that will show humidity and temperature on the LCD module. Please check and inform.
R Ibrahim Maassarani
2016-05-28 20:18:10
could you supply the code plz/
R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-29 01:28:44
Have you seen the simulation? Is it working fine?
R Ibrahim Maassarani
2016-05-29 07:02:08
yes .. but it is a project and i have to deliver it tomorrow .. i cannot show my teacher demo my avinash ;/

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