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Digital Voltmeter Using Pic 16f676

Naresh India

Hardware: 16f676 At 4mhz Software: Mp Lab Complier

Analog to digital converter using pic16f676 and sown on LCD .



R Avinash
2016-09-05 16:37:56
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2016-09-06 07:32:55
PROSPICE 8.04.00 (Build 21003) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1993-2015.
Loaded netlist 'C:UsersadminAppDataLocalTempLISA7044.SDF' for design 'New Project.pdsprj'
PIC12 model release 8.3.00 (Build 20025) simulating PIC16676 device. [U1]
Loaded 128 bytes of persistent EEPROM data. [U1]
[COFF] Loading PIC18 COFF file 'C:UsersadminAppDataLocalTemp3eabe31cbde14db1bb19b528f717d79dPIC16F676DebugDebug.COF'. [U1]
[COFF] Could not load source file ''. [U1]
[COFF] Could not load source file ''. [U1]
[PIC12 ADC] PC=0x03D7. ADC conversion clock period (5e-07) is possibly invalid for device clock frequency. [U1]
[PIC12 ADC] PC=0x03D8. ADC conversion started before 'wait' time has expired following previous conversion or channel change. [U1]
this are the message shown when i debug my program , can you help me out in this
/* Main.c file generated by New Project wizard
 * Created:   Fri Sep 2 2016
 * Processor: PIC16F676
 * Compiler:  MPLAB XC8

#include <xc.h>
#define SETBIT(p,b) p|=(1<<b)
#define CLEARBIT(p,b) p&=(~(1<<b))
#define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000
//#pragma config FOSC = INTRCIO   // Oscillator Selection bits (INTOSC oscillator: I/O function on RA4/OSC2/CLKOUT pin, I/O function on RA5/OSC1/CLKIN)
#pragma config WDTE = OFF       // Watchdog Timer Enable bit (WDT disabled)
#pragma config PWRTE = ON       // Power-up Timer Enable bit (PWRT enabled)
#pragma config MCLRE = OFF      // RA3/MCLR pin function select (RA3/MCLR pin function is digital I/O, MCLR internally tied to VDD)
#pragma config BOREN = OFF      // Brown-out Detect Enable bit (BOD disabled)
#pragma config CP = ON          // Code Protection bit (Program Memory code protection is enabled)
#pragma config CPD = ON   // Data Code Protection bit (Data memory code protection is enabled)
#use delay (clock 4000000)

void main(void)
   // __delay_ms(1000);
 // __delay_ms(5000);
    for(;;){     int adc;

    adc =ADRESL;
   // Write your code here
  // while (1)
     // ;

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