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How To Program In C By Referring The Datasheets

poornima patil India

Hardware: At89c52,pic Series Software: Embedded C Programming

how to start writing embedded c programs by refering the datasheets of at89c52 and pic series?



R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-07 13:59:05
This depends very much on your background experience level. Two very important skills required are
1) Basic concept of programming and experience in programming helps a lot.
2) Knowledge of C programming language. If you get confused on every second line when you see a C program then you need to do a lots of practice to get through with bits and pieces of this language. Don't try to learn C language on embedded platform. Learn it by writing small console programs in PC.

To master basic concepts of programming, programming on language similar to C like PHP and Javascript also helps a lot. In your free time try to play with them.

When you think you can balance the bicycle on two wheels it won't be difficult for you to refer datasheets of MCUs and develop successful program.

Their are several tutorials available online that may help you learn.


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