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How Use AVR Programmer Without Seperate 5V Supply?

Rafeeq India

Hardware: AVR Mega2560 Board Software: Arduino GUI With C Language

Iam using your AVR programmer and GUI to flash code.
Unfortunately I couldn't program without separate 5V supply to flash code.
5V from Programmer seems not available on programmer connector.
I would like to have 5V to controller power on from programmer connector itself.
Please help



R Avinash Gupta
2017-02-16 07:51:53
Your total concept about ISP that is Incuircuit Programming is WRONG!

For what purpose you are using the programmer?
For development or for production?

In production programming the code is already tested and programming is done only once.

While in development you may need to write the chip every few second after each change in the program to check the working.

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