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I Need A Help With Hobby Servo Motor ...

sara gharieb Egypt

Hardware: Atmega32 Running At 16000000 HZ Wired On Board Software: C Programming Using Avr

i'm working on a school project "automatic railway system"
my project suppose to close the gate when the train coming with a buzzer on with 90 sec count down display on 7-seg. and a led flashing.
after the train passing the gate opens and the buzzer off and the led off .
i tried to use a dc motor to open and close the gate but it didn't give me the accurate angle that i need to i try to use a servo motor .
so i need it to open the gate at position zero and close it at position 90 .
all the code i found on the internet they using PWM and timers which i didn't take it in my course , so can anyone help me to do this with simple code ,please ?


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