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Interfacing 25LC1024 EEPROM With PIC 18F4520


Hardware: PIC 18F4520 Software: C Programming In MikroC For PIC And Proteus

I have to read and write data to EEPROM via SPI of PIC 18F4520. I am receiving 4byte data every second from FPGA on UART of PIC controller and save it to EEPROM and return this data to FPGA when requested in form of average data for 1 minute or 10 min or 1hr or 1 day or 1 week. I have previously worked on 8052 but never on PIC. Kindly guide from where should I start. I want to use FIFO approach. Thanks



R Avinash Ofc PC
2017-07-03 06:35:55
Is it a academic or commercial project?
R A.Ahmed
2017-07-07 10:23:14
it is sort of part of a commercial project.
R Avinash Ofc PC
2017-07-11 04:31:36
Using a 40 PIN PIC MCU for this project is overkill and waste of resources and money. It can easily be implemented by a low cost chip used in professional projects. I am talking about STM8 MCU they are much more powerful and lots cheaper than the PIC MCUs.
R A.Ahmed
2017-08-08 07:16:35
Thanks for your help. kindly del this query.

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