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Interfacing External Adc With Atmega16

Rohan Aggarwal India

Hardware: Atmega16 Microcontroller Software: Atmel Studio 6

i have an 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (HX711). Can i interface it with the help of atmega16...?
please help...

plz reply on :
thanks in advance....



R Avinash Gupta
2016-10-12 04:52:40
Yes you can do so easily by reading the datasheet of the ADC.

What do you mean by please help?

Should we read the datasheet for you and also write the code for you?
R Rohan aggarwal
2016-10-12 07:29:41
Its a 24 bit ADC, not 12 bit, I might remind u again...
R Avinash
2016-10-12 11:38:33
So what if it is 24 bit ADC? Does the design process change? What you have to read in place of datasheet for a 24 bit one?
R Rohan aggarwal
2016-10-12 13:19:36
Thanks for ur help..

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