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Ir Decoder By Atmega8

hossein Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hardware: ATmega8 Running On 8Mhz Wired On Breadboard Software: C Code Atmel Studio 6.1

i wired the circuit of IR decoder and the problem is that the lcd just display code: 186
and pressing keys does'n do any thing
best regards
im waiting for your reply


ir decoder by atmega8


R Avinash Gupta
2016-06-18 04:48:06
This is a timing sensitive program. It will run only at 16MHz clock speed. So try to change the crystal to 16Mhz. Also please tell what are the values of HIGH and LOW fuse bytes of ATmega8 as read by your programmer.
R Avinash
2016-06-21 12:09:25
waiting for your response ...

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