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Police Siren Making In Mikro Cpro

SAURABH sharma India

Hardware: Pic 16f72 ,20mhz Software: C ,mikro C Pro

hello sir
I am new in programming I want to make police siren sound in micro c Pro for pic16f72 microcontroller. I want my frequency very 500 to1200 hz increase and decrease & repeat continuously. My friend say used TMR 0 interrupt in your project but we have no idea how to used TMR0 interrupt in this project.
please help me.
hope you reply.



void main()
unsigned interest Notes []=
unsigned char i=0;
sound_init (&PORTC,2);
for (;;)
sound_play (Notes [i],10);
if (i==15)i=0;


R Avinash Ofc PC
2017-07-03 06:45:21
Have you made up any plan to create this software? Or even a rough idea how you are gonna do it?

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