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Print Command That Can Send Binary Data As It Is.

santosh das India

Hardware: Atmel 32uc3a1256au Software: Atmel Studio 6

I am using atmel 32uc3a1256au microcontroller and my problem is for getting reading from serial port the command that i use is NAKED_TRACE_COM2, which is using standard printk command which reflects ascii hex characters in the serial port, so I am looking for print command that can send binary data as it is from microcontroller port to the serial rs232 port. I want pure binary data not hex string or character. To describe in detail my problem is, I need to get data as 32bit hex in application where first 2 bytes are datas and next 6 bytes should be zeroes but here zeroes are treated as 0x30 as ascii hex, and if i need zero, so I need to put in program NULL char, which is the corresponding char value for zero in hex. but each and every application program when detects NULL tries to escapes it and i didn't get the corresponding zerores. So I am trying to get raw data as binary only so that the application can combines the datas as hex when received so that I can get corresponding zeroes. Can any one suggest me on this issue?????



R Avinash
2016-07-02 13:44:17
which application you are using on PC side?

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