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Regarding Pwm Coding

rachanam M India

Hardware: ATmega16a Microcontroller Software: AVR STUDIO To Code Atmega16a

We are facing pblm in controlling the speed of the motor using atmega16a... can u help us out with the code.... we have tried a code involving pwm........ but it isn't working properly. Nd we are running out of time for submission.. help us out plz



R Avinash
2016-08-19 16:46:06
Post your circuit diagram, how you have connected the motor to ATmega16. A photo of your setup. And your program to know actually what you are trying to do ...
R rachanam M
2016-08-20 06:42:50
Can you reply soon?
R Avinash
2016-08-20 07:00:07
How did you tried the code without typing? Upload actual softcopy of the code and photo of the hardware too. This is last reminder, if you do not supply enough information we cannot help.

Missing items, circuit diagram, photo of hardware and actual code.

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