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The System Should Show The Number Of Cars In The Queue On A 2digit Multiplexed Seven Segment Display.

Muganzi Robin Uganda

Hardware: Atmega32 Running On 16MHz Software: C Project Using Atmel Studio 6

Mr Opio is operating a car parking system for his car parking lot whose capacity is 30. All car slots are of the same size and can be used for either small or big cars. The parking lot has two entrances and two exits. That is, one for big cars and the other for small cars. When entering the parking lot, each car spends 4 seconds because of the registration. In case more cars arrive before registration is complete, they wait in the queue. The system MUST show the number of cars in the queue. The system should show the number of cars in the queue on a 2digit multiplexed seven segment display. The system counts the number of cars that enter and those that leave the parking lot. (The number of cars going out cannot be more than those getting in). When a car is leaving, it waits for 5 seconds before payment is registered. That is, when a car reaches the exit, a red light is lit to indicate that car has stopped for payment to be made. After 5 seconds, green is lit for 3 second confirming that the car can go. The countdown timer and for 5 and 3 seconds should be displayed for users to see. Big cars pay a fee, which is slightly higher than that paid by the small ones. During the entire system operation, the number of cars in the parking lot must show on the screen. When the parking lot is full, a message showing “We are full” should be displayed and lights at the door entrance should be red. When the parking lot is full, no car is allowed to go in.


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