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Trouble In Biasing Micro-controller Using L7805CV Voltage Regulator

Islam Gamal Egypt

Hardware: ATmega 32 Using Its Internal Crystal And L7805CV Voltage Regulator To Step Down The Voltage From 12 (output Of Lipo Battery) To 5 Volt Software: C Project Using Eclipse

I have developed a code and burnt it on my ATmega 32, also I tested its performance on a development kit and it worked properly, but when I but the micro-controller in my circuit it does not perform as expected.
so I suspect the a have a problem in my circuit concept, simply I connect the output of L7805CV to vcc pin and the ground of L7805CV with the GND pin, is something critical is missed from the circuit ?



R Avinash Gupta
2017-05-03 05:02:58
Post you schematic !

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