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Trouble In Connecting The Avr Programmer With Xboard Mini V2.1

Shivali Bhtnaagar India

Hardware: Using Xboard Mini V2.1 And Asp Development Board Software: C Programming

we bought the x board mini v2.1 from extreme electronics and the asp programmer to burn the programmer through a shop. now the asp programmer if having 5 pins but the x board mini v2.1 has 10 pin. we have bought the connector for the but dont know that which port of the former will connect the latter. please help!!!



R Avinash Gupta
2017-02-16 07:43:45
So from where did you learned about working with AVR? What have you learnt about AVR ISP system? How many pin does it has? What are the names? Hope you have read the datasheet!

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