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Trouble In Implementing A DAC Using PWM/Timer Method To Be Used In A VOIP Project

Amira Hussein Ahmed Egypt

Hardware: ATMega128 Wired On A Breadboard Software: C Project Using Atmel Studio 7

my project is Voice over IP prototype I want to implement a DAC that takes the digital sound and get it back as analog and I found that the best way is to create it using PWM/timer method using C langauage because I want something cheap and I won't buy a DAC chip. The problem is I couldn't find a C code that implements DAC using PWM/timer method that works on ATMega128 because I am totally a beginner and I still can' write a code myself. please help me



R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-25 04:26:04
Have you made any hardware? If yes, then please post a picture.
R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-26 01:49:06
We are waiting for your reply ....

Have you ever written program to generate PWM signal from Atmega128?

I am not complete audio output but just simple voltage to dim leds etc?
R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-26 11:13:02
Well, then I recommend you to go for following tutorial and make a basic pwm led dimmer working first before moving on to audio.

Its easy, i have also played audio for avr mcus.

R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-26 11:16:22
If you can show us the picture of you development board, i can also provide s sample program

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