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Trouble In Implementing A DAC Using PWM/Timer Method To Be Used In A VOIP Project

Amira Hussein Ahmed Egypt

Hardware: ATMega128 Wired On A Breadboard Software: C Project Using Atmel Studio 7

I have an ATMega128 and I want to implement a DAC converting a coming digital signal to an analog signal.I found that I can do this internally using Timer/counter in PWM mode. The problem is I couldn't find a code example doing this even for ATMega16 or 32. I also read your code example of how to generate an audio sound using PWM in AVR.Is it that the same thing ?? and can I use something like that ?...please help me and if you have a code example implementing a simple DAC it would be great, It doesn't need to be for ATMega128 it could be for Mega16 or 32 and I could modify it.



R Avinash
2016-06-12 06:22:04
Post picture of your developent board so that we can figure out which PWM output channels are available and is their LEDs or so to test the PWM output.

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