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Trouble In Making A Menu System With 16x2 LCD.

Sujit Mishra India

Hardware: PIC16F877A Running On External Crystal Of 4 MHZ. Software: C Programming, MPLAB XC8 Compiler

I am writing a program that needs to be menu driven using a 16x2 LCD Display. I have four buttons for control SCROLL UP, SCROLL DOWN, BACK and ENTER. From these buttons the operator will be able to scroll through menus and sub menus and select different functions and alter set points. I don't have any experience in using a menu like this. Is there any example of C-CODE or suggestions on how to go about this.
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Trouble in making a menu system with 16x2 LCD.


R Avinash
2016-05-24 14:19:30
This is a complex and big task. You need a professional paid support for this.

First we need to make a timer interrupt driven keypad state polling. Then filtering it for spikes. Then detecting if previous state was not pressed and current state is pressed so to buffer this command in a FIFO queue. If the button is kept pressed for some time then start repeating the command.

Then after only menu can me made.
R Sujit Mishra
2016-05-25 10:08:53
Dear Avinash Sir, I know that its a difficult task but i think it can be done without interrupt also. If i am not wrong for debouncing we can use while or delay routines as well. Sir I really need to do this project so if u can provide any sample simple code to analyze the situation for my code. Most of the codes available on internet is for arduino and i never used arduino so it was difficult for me to understand the loops.

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