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Trouble In Portc Of Atmega 16

veer maithani India

Hardware: Atmega 16 Running At 8mhz On Breadboard Software: C Project, Atmelstudio 6.2

I am using usart. For this project I attached lcd and keypad on atmega16 but unfortunately Portc is not working as general purpose i/o.



R Avinash
2016-07-09 12:26:01
(PC2-PC5) of PORTC of ATmega16/ATmega32 has dual function. First as simple i/o port and second as JTAG interface for debugging. The functionality is selected based on setting 6th bit of HIGH FUSE byte. If this bit is 0 then JTAG is enabled. By default it is enabled. So you need to set JTAGEN=1. Hope you know that in fuse bytes 0= programmed and 1 = unprogrammed. So setting JTAGEN=1 actually disables JTAG but it seems to be enabling it.

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