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Trouble In Programming Atmega 8a Pu Chip With Extreme Avr Burner


Hardware: Isp Programming Of Atmega8A-PU Placed In 28 Pin Avr Development Board Purchased From Extreme Eletronics Software: Hex Files Compiled In Arduino Ide

sir, each time i try to upload hex files to atmega 8a-pu chips with the extreme avr burner, first it says "cannot power chip" or something like that and after trying multiple times, it says "incorrect chip" do you wish to continue.
If I click on yes, some times it goes on to write the files while most of the times, it gives some type of error message.
in a few instances, despite getting error message, the particular chips are working as expected when I place them in the boards that I have made for the specific purposes like temperature & humidity measurement etc. but most times they do not work. It needs to be noted that when I try to read from even those chips that are working as expected, I still get the same error message like incorrect chip or failed etc. I have tried my best to figure out whats wrong but have failed. I even tried to copy the high & low fuse bits from the working chips of the same type but even that does not work. Kindly help & oblige.



R Avinash
2016-05-30 02:06:23
Are you supplying power to the development board using a 12V DC adapter while programming? This is required and also shown in the video tutorial.
R jagjit singh
2016-05-30 03:35:29
Thanks Avinash Ji,

I'll check this out and let you know of the outcome. Regards, Jagjit Singh.

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