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Trouble In Samping Rate

Ali Jahan Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hardware: ATmega8 With 16 MHz External Crystal Software: BASCAOM-AVR IDE []

I can`t get the sampling rate more than 300 Sps on LabVIEW. I have tried different bauds, ADC clk in range of 50-200KHz and crystals. I would like 3KHz audio signal.
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$regfile = "m8def.dat"
$crystal = 16000000
$hwstack = 40
$swstack = 16
$framesize = 32
$baud = 128000
Config Adc = Single , Prescaler = 128 , Reference = Avcc
Start Adc

Dim A As Word

  A = Getadc(0)

   Print A

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