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Trouble In Sending & Receiving Message In Xboardmini Version 2

Hammad India

Hardware: Xboard Mini 2.0 And GSM SIM300 Modem Software: Extreme Burner Avr

After correctly running the software the xboard mini lcd shows temperature. but on Sending GET T message to the sensor, neither the heart in the status area changes nor it sends any response (temperature).



R Avinash
2016-05-13 05:47:55
The memory of SIM card is very limited like 32 SMS only. And mostly this is filled already. The freeware tutorial code available does NOT has a auto clean sim feature. So you need to manually put the SIM card in a phone and view the SMSs on SIM card and then delete them using the delete function of the phone.
R Avinash
2016-05-13 05:52:04
On Android phones open SMS goto menu->settings and under Text (SMS) messages goto "Manage SIM card messages"

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