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Trouble To Turn My Robot At 90 Degree Or Less Then 90 Degree

Roshan lal Kumawat India

Hardware: Atmega 8 Running At 12 Mhz Software: Avr Studio 4

I m using atmega 8 d3velopment board
When I m using two sensors my robot is unable to turn at 90 degree or less then 90 degree angles
But when I m using three sensors my left motor is not working properly



if((PINC @0b00001110)=0b00001110)// I m using port 1,2,3 door sensors
else if((PINC @0b00001110)=0b00000110)


..... And so on but my right motor is not stopping.  And also left motor is not working individually


R Avinash
2016-11-15 12:39:22
This require serious analysic and debugging.

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