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Trouble With Ir Receiver

aju remesh India

Hardware: ATmega 32 With 4Mhz External Crystall Oscillator Software: C Project Using AVRStudio 5

iam a beginner in AVR Programming. i have an IR Receiver. (taken from a Remote controlled LED bulb). I dont know its model number but its pin out is 1:OUTPUT, 2:GROUND, 3:VCC.

i got a code for IR Receiver for Arduino, and i tested it and working fine. when i pressed a key on my remote, a hex value is printed on arduino serial display. but it have some headerfile called IRRemote.h etc....
i dont know how to work this code. i dont know how to study header files and libraries.. my question is, can i use this IR with ATMEGA32? is yes, can you give me a final code ? i want to study the code... but i dont know the headerfiles// library study etc.. so if you can, plz help me with the code... plzzz


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