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UPS IOT Internet Of Things

Emmanuel Adarighofua Nigeria

Hardware: UPS IOT Internet Of Things Software: UPS IOT Internet Of Things

Good Day,

I'll love to have a chat with any of the Valarm Tech. on the following issues.

I need Remote Monitoring Device(RMDs) to solve the following issues for me via an IOT medium

1. Device for remote operation and monitoring of UPS and its parameters.

2. Device for determining battery charge/discharge rates and states, temperature, fuel levels, energy consumption, running hours, ups.

3. Device for power switch and generator control from Generator to inverter and vice versa remotely.

4. Diesel tank inflow and outflow conditions.

5. Provide a routing and gathering technique that these information can be assessed remotely; web, cloud, CCTV (motion sensor), GSM/Wi-Fi and email alerts.

6. Provide a technique for determining tank farm inflow/outflow (Metering) states & tank farm content quality.

Do you have in stock such devices, even if all the parameters listed can’t be fully solved, Kindly state which solution is available.

Warm Regards


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