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USART Communication Using Arduino

Avra Mitra India

Hardware: 1. ATmega8 Running At Internal 8MHz Oscillator. 2. Arduino UNO R3. Software: 1) Language: (embedded) C. 2) Editor : Programmer's Notepad 2. 3) Compiler: Avr Gcc. 4) WinAVR Toolchain. 5) OS: Windows 10 Home Edition Running On Acer Iconia W3-810.

Dear Sir, I am working on a project where I want to establish USART communication between my PC and atmega8a microcontroller. Using a RS232 to TTL logic converter it's possible, I know. And I upload my codes to microcontroller using my Arduino UNO as programmer. Now my question is, can I use that Arduino as USB to USART converter? Actually as I am a student, it's not easy for me to buy every tool that I need. So, I am searching for some solutions to save my money. Waiting eagerly for your kind guidance. Thank you.



R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-20 02:16:11
Yes you can connect to the rx tx pin on the Uno's USB to Serial chip.
R Avra Mitra
2016-05-20 03:23:27
can you please elaborate a little? do you mean: UNO Rx----->> ATmega Tx
UNO Tx------>> ATmega Rx
Am I right? and if so, do I need to remove the atmega328 from arduino board?

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R Avinash Gupta
2016-05-20 04:11:26
No. UNO's Tx to ATmega8's TX only and UNO's Rx to ATmega's Rx as they are labled with respect to the ATmega328 and NOT the USB to serial converter. Yes better remove ATmega328. Or simply remove 328 and place the ATmega8 in place of it.
R Avra Mitra
2016-05-20 04:38:40
thank you sir. Now I guess I need not purchase a RS232 to TTL converter.

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