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Want A Code For Spi Interfacing Of Ltc 2983 (temprature Sensor Ic) With Tm4c123d5(arm Cortex M4 Cpu)

kumpal patel India

Hardware: Tm4c1232d5pm 80 Mhz Arm Cortex Cpu Software: C Using Keil

i want to know how to interface it to measure temprature using RTD sensors



R Avinash
2016-05-25 15:36:18
How far have you gone? Where you are facing problem?
R Avinash
2016-05-27 11:34:57
we are waiting for your reply ...
R kumpal patel
2016-05-27 13:00:05
void spi_master_ini(void){
SYSCTL->RCGCSSI|=(1<<2); //selecting SSI2 module
SYSCTL->RCGC2|=(1<<1); //providing clock to PORTB
GPIOB->AFSEL|=(1<<4)|(1<<5)|(1<<6)|(1<<7);//selecting alternative fuctions
GPIOB->PCTL=0x22220000;//selecting SSI as alternative function
GPIOB->DEN|=(1<<4)|(1<<5)|(1<<6)|(1<<7);//enabling digital mode for PORTB 4,5,6,7
GPIOB->PUR|=(1<<4)|(1<<5)|(1<<6)|(1<<7);//selecting pull ups for 4,5,6,7
SSI2->CR1=0; //disabling SSI module for settings
SSI2->CC=0; //using main system clock
SSI2->CPSR=64; //selecting divisor 64 for SSI clock
SSI2->CR0=0x7; //freescale mode, 8 bit data, steady clock low
SSI2->CR1|=(1<<1); //enabling SSI

here i have implemented ssi interfacing (initioalization part)

this is in freescale mo0de, i need is TI mode(based on texas instruments serial format) in second last line.. so what are the changed that i need to make

thank you
2018-06-04 09:08:08
I stuck after receiving 40 (initialization. Then on 5 the channel I connected RTDPT100 and on channel 3 R sense. Write command given. Then wrote 85 to start conversion. I am not getting any proper data. .

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