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Custom Projects we have done

We also design embedded systems according to client's requirement. Here you can see the details of some projects that we have done for various clients.

If you need any kind of custom project done, please contact us.

Azan Time Loading Software

The task was to write a Windows application that can load tabular data from a file and then help transfer those data to ATmega328 microcontroller using serial link from PC. Actually the data file contained times of five Azans of the day. And...


P10 LED Matrix Based Industrial Fault Display System

The aim of this project was to display user friendly message on a P10 dot matrix LED display according to simple digital input received from another system. This second system has 16 output lines, zero, one or more lines can be active (in high...


P10 Display Control with Serial Interface

The aim of this project was to develop a numeric value display system using P10 dot matrix LED display. The system has to show three numeric parameters, each each two digit integer part and one digit decimal part. For example 32.7 to be...


X-Ray Machine Exposure Timer using ATmega8

This system is a single relay on timer. That means a relay must be kept on for a specified time and then turned off. This relay is used to trigger an x-ray exposure machine in order for get accurate exposure time. The time is set using a up and...


Baud Rate Converter using STM32

This simple application designed using a very low cost 32bit microcontroller helps us convert serial data coming at certain baud rate to a different baud rate. Baud rate can be increased or decreased. First we have to setup the input baud...