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The task was to write a Windows application that can load tabular data from a file and then help transfer those data to ATmega328 microcontroller using serial link from PC. Actually the data file contained times of five Azans of the day. And the file contained information for the whole year, i.e. 366 days (including leap year). Five Azans of the day are named like

  1. FAJR
  2. DUHR
  3. ASR
  5. ISHA

In addition to these five Azan time, their is also the time of sunrise of each day of the year.

The software has toolbar buttons for common operations like Open File, Write, Read, Verify.

Write command is used to send data to the microcontroller which stores it in its EEPROM.

Read command reads time data stored on the microcontroller.

Verify command is used to match data on the microcontroller with the original file.

Their is a progress bar at the bottom of the window that shows the progress of current operation.

Azan Time Loading Software

The ATmega328 chip is actually used to make a digital clock. This clock should have the daily times of the Muslim Azan and it automatically notifies the user five time a day exactly at the time of Namaz. This clock is manufactured and marketed by Noon Enterprises of Kerala, India. Our engineers have developed the PC based loader software for it.

Client Mr. Nazar of Noon Enterprises Says ...

Nazar photo

I approached Mr Avinash for developing a USB-UART communication application project. His work is excellent and he was very cooperative during whole project's development life time. I recommend him to all who need to develop any firmware or hardware related project in good manner.

From: Kannur, Kerala, India