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The aim of this project was to display user friendly message on a P10 dot matrix LED display according to simple digital input received from another system. This second system has 16 output lines, zero, one or more lines can be active (in high state) at any given time. Status of these lines indicate some kind of error in the system. The aim is to display this error condition in form of a message in big LED dot matrix display. If more than one error is present at the same time they are shown one after another. Basically it is converting a fault code to a human readable message that can be shown on big display suitable for industrial use.

p10 based fault display system

Design was made using a common ATmega32 microcontroller that is available as a 40 pin IC. This MCU has enough resources like Flash, RAM and i/o ports required for this project. This MCU commands P10 based single colour display panels. Single p10 display has 32x16 pixel resolution and 1 feet length. To make 3 feel long display three such panels are used. These panels are waterproof and visible even in full bright daylight also.

Client Mr. Karan Kumar Tak of Says ...

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From: Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

We can develop any kind of embedded software as per your requirement. We have extensive experience on working with range of microcontrollers starting from small 8 pin to large 100+ pin 32 bit ARM based MCU as per the demand of application. For 8 bit microcontroller design we recommend Atmel's AVR or Microchip's PIC series of microcontroller and for 32 bit we recommend the latest ARM Cortex M0 or M3 series from ST.

Design using Atmel's AVR

For software development on Atmel AVR we recommend avr-gcc toolchain which is a free, open source and highly popular C compiler. It is backed by Atmel and is integrated with Atmel Studio (powered by Visual Studio)

Atmel Studio IDE

Depending on the need and complexity of your application we can go for ATmega8, ATmega32, ATmega128 or any other suitable AVR series MCU.