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The aim of this project was to develop a numeric value display system using P10 dot matrix LED display. The system has to show three numeric parameters, each each two digit integer part and one digit decimal part. For example 32.7 to be displayed. The system had to support serial input at 9600 baud rate . The user should be able to send ASCII value of numbers to be displayed to this system and the system should show them on the led display.

We have chosen 8 bit AVR Microcontroller ATmega8 for this purpose, it was interfaced to three P10 modules that were connected in cascade. ATmega8 received serial input on its RX pin and show them on the matrix led display. The font data of all numbers and the logic to drive the displays all resides in ATmega8 MCU.

This device then can be used to show any numeric parameter in industrial or commercial establishments. The host processor reads sensor value and sends to this system over single serial line.

p10 numeric display

Client Mr. Nagajothi Sundar of Test Point Engineers Says ...

Nagajothi Sundar photo

I impressed with your sample program present in your web site for P10 dot matrix module.For my request your reply was very fast and responsible.I personal experience of work with you was very friendly and convenience.If you wish,i want to continue to work with you. I am from "Test point engineers" Chennai. We are doing all sign board for counters,pressure and temperature using 4" and 6" seven segment display.Your sample program was very impressed ,so that i contact you for display using P10 module.

From: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

We can develop any kind of embedded software as per your requirement. We have extensive experience on working with range of microcontrollers starting from small 8 pin to large 100+ pin 32 bit ARM based MCU as per the demand of application. For 8 bit microcontroller design we recommend Atmel's AVR or Microchip's PIC series of microcontroller and for 32 bit we recommend the latest ARM Cortex M0 or M3 series from ST.

Design using Atmel's AVR

For software development on Atmel AVR we recommend avr-gcc toolchain which is a free, open source and highly popular C compiler. It is backed by Atmel and is integrated with Atmel Studio (powered by Visual Studio)

Atmel Studio IDE

Depending on the need and complexity of your application we can go for ATmega8, ATmega32, ATmega128 or any other suitable AVR series MCU.