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In this part of our practical electronics tutorial we will learn about diodes. Like resistors and capacitors they are also very common. They are simple component with two terminals. But unlike resistors they are polarized. That means two of its lead are not equivalent and cannot be swapped. Before moving any forward let us see how they look.

Fig. Few Common Diodes

We have tried to collect few of the most common diodes that any electronic hobbyist may encounter frequently. Please note that all the diodes shown above are through hole type.

From the image above you can notice that most diodes have a cylindrical body and two metal leads coming out from opposite sides. All diodes have two terminals namely the anode and the cathode. The cathode terminal is marked with a coloured ring on the diode's body.

diode terminals
Fig. Diode's Terminals

The schematic symbol for diode also has a marking for cathode side. This makes it clear how the diode is connected with the rest of circuit.

Circuit will not work as expected if diodes are connected in the opposite way!

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