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In the last tutorial I introduced you to relays. Now I will proceed to explain how they work.

Behind the working of relays are electromagnets. They are what makes the design of relays possible.

Electromagnets are special type of magnet that are activated only on the application of electricity. That means they are not magnets unless we power them. As soon as they are powered they becomes magnet.

So now let us open a relay and see how it looks.

working of relay

In the image above you can see the internals of a common relay. The large cylindrical thing is the electromagnet, which when activated pulls a small metallic bar above it and thus making a connection between COM pin and NO pin. Current can then flow from the COM pin to the NO pin and then to the load. It is just like a switch but the switching is done using a small electromagnet unlike a normal switch where we use our fingers to make the switching action.

relay energised

spring of relay

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