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PCB Design

PCBs forms the base of any electronic product. With a good quality PCB ready in hand, production becomes very efficient and fast. The product is very durable that is made on a PCB and gives a very professional look also.

We can help to bring to life any PCB design that you may have in your mind for your next project. We have more than 8 years of experience in PCB design thus we can help you easily plan your board by taking required inputs clues from your discussion.

The first step of PCB design is schematic capture. This means drawing a schematic of your hardware using a schematic design CAD PC software. You need to give us a rough circuit diagram drawn by hand on paper so that we can understand your requirement. Other wise you may tell us how your hardware should function and we will draw the circuit diagram ourself.

The next step is creation of board. You should give us exact details about the size and shape requirement of the board if your board need to be of some exact shape or size. Otherwise we may suggest you the optimal shape and size of the board. Another important things that you should clarify if that what type of connectors would be used for various input and output points like power and other things and also their position in the board. A rough hand drawn representation is helpful. After all these things are clear, we would place the components on their optimal location on the board and then route the traces. Routing means inter-connecting the pins of various components.

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Schematic Capture

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Placement and Routing

PCB design

Final PCBs